Nathan Ake is the toughest opponent in his career.

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Nathan Ake the Manchester City centre-back revealed that since playing in the English Premier League. The opponent he has been most difficult to deal with is Sergio Aguero, the legendary striker for the Blues.

Ake has more than 200 appearances in the English top-flight. playing under the uniforms of City, Bournemouth and Chelsea, so he has had to face many different styles of football. But the thing that gave him the most headache was ‘Kun’ UFABET

“Who is the most difficult opponent to deal with since playing the English Premier League? It depends on the position I play. Let’s take it while standing at center at Bournemouth.” Opening his mouth on the Manchester City Podcast. 

“Probably  Sergio Aguero. When I faced you it was really difficult because the standard never dropped.” 

“Seriously, I always play well no matter what team I meet. But when I’m dueling with Bournemouth, I create a full-time job.”

“Because he can both dribble and penetrate. But can run in from behind again. He carries the ball well with him, strong, quick and has an amazing finish.” 

“So it is considered complete. When did you try to crush him? But he was strong enough to fight. He was strong and he couldn’t open up even a single yard in the box. When I think about it, it’s a really difficult job.” Nathan Ake.

The 28 -year- old star joined Manchester City in the summer of 2020. And has made 98 appearances, scoring 9 goals and providing one assist.