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The benefits of pomegranate reduce blood pressure

The benefits of pomegranate reduce blood pressure, relieve diarrhea There are many benefits of pomegranate  . not only in foreign research But it has also been famous since ancient times, with the name and properties appearing in many ancient medicine texts. Whether it’s traditional Thai in religious scriptures, etc.  In ancient

Guava, fruit of the rainy season, there are many benefits

Guava, fruit of the rainy season to eat properly then it will be good for health Guava is another fruit that is easy to find, cheap, delicious and beneficial to health, that’s because guava is very high in vitamin C. This fruit is considered to have the

6 extreme sports help you get fit

Lose weight and get healthy Beautiful muscles, there is nothing better than “exercising”, so… Kru Kan-Kanjana Pantarak, a two-time former SEA Games national athlete. And today she is well known in the fitness and yoga industry. She is going to introduce us to “Let’s get to know 6

Exercising for 10 minutes or more reduces disease.

Did you know? Exercising for 10 minutes or more can help reduce various diseases. Many people dislike exercising because they feel tired. and some claim they don’t have time But do you know that Exercise is essential. The results of research abroad found that sedentary behavior that lasts more than