want to play Sic Bo betting online What are the steps?

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For gamblers who want to go into Sic Bo betting online, let’s see some. You can follow this step.

1. Choose an online casino website 

First, look for online live casino website. Which is reliable safe and available with Thai language system to make it easier to use. And if any website can be play via mobile It will be more convenient to play Sic Bo online.

2. Register successfully. 

When you find the desired online casino website then make a subscription to the website to be able to access various services with that website

3. Deposit money and enter the Sic Bo room. 

After accessing the online casino website The next step is to deposit money into the system for betting purposes. then enter the game room By looking for the online casino menu Select the desired service provider and select Sic Bo, which is a table that provides online Sic Bo service. สมัคร UFABET

Sic Bo betting process online

If you have applied for services with the desired casino website. when entering the online dice table You can follow this step.

  • Choose the chip price you want to bet. Which will be available from 5, 100, 500, 1,000, 2,000 baht per chip or you can choose to multiply the chip price further 
  • While the game is counting down, you can place a bet on the desired bet field. and wait for the countdown to end
  • After the dealer presses the dice button. If you bet correctly at any betting box will be paid according to the payout rate of that channel But if any channel that is not betting correctly will lose the chip immediately.