‘Pep Guardiola’ shows first half a good lesson,

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Pep Guardiola said the first half was a lesson for Manchester City in their win over Crystal Palace, and praised Erling Haaland’s goal-scoring sense

. Trouble with being led 2-0 in the first half, before overtaking in the second half with Haaland scoring a hat-trick and winning 4-2

, Guardiola pleased their comeback. come back Still saying that some points of the team are still inferior and will have to do better.

“The last two games we scored a lot and conceded a lot of goals as well. good game We played hard every time we played against them but we made a comeback,” Guardiola said.

“Last season we couldn’t come back. But now we can start. What happened in the first half was a good lesson for us. It’s a good game.” the UFABET report

“We have to improve. Some points are still a bit inferior. There are parts we need to do better. The Premier League won’t wait for you. It’s difficult when you stop for a while.”

Earlier in the game, Haaland had also scored against West Ham United and Newcastle United, with the Catalan manager praising the scoring sense of the club. he

“Scoring goals is important to him.”

“He has a sense of scoring. The third goal, he showed his strength and passed the ball into the goal. Its area depends on the movement of competitors. You have to be more calm and run more, it gives him more space.”