“Parker” pointed out that visiting Anfield is still a difficult task

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Bournemouth boss Scott Parker has insisted that an attack at Anfield is still a difficult task despite Liverpool’s turbulence.

By collecting only 2 points from the first 3 matches. And face injuries of players in the middle of the field

That makes it look This is a chance for the Cherries. Who are trying to grab their first point from the Big 6 after losing to Manchester City and Arsenal,

however, Parker insists the visit to Anfield is still a possibility. difficult task Especially when faced with Liverpool who are looking for a turning point.

Parker could be forgiven for cursing his luck. At how the fixture schedule has work out for the south coast side.

An opening-day home clash with Aston Villa saw Bournemouth open their account for the season but they have since suffered defeats to Manchester City and Arsenal and now travel to Merseyside to face Jurgen Klopp’s team.

“I’m sure they will be the first to know that it’s not going as expected,” he said,

“but we will be facing a world-class team. That has been trained well. Which has an excellent coach And it’s a team that might be looking for a turning point.” According by UFABET

“Anfield is one of the most difficult stadiums to visit. And it will be even harder give the current situation. So this is going to be an extremely difficult game.”

“As always, that is the challenge we face. And we have to try and get something out of this game.”