Immobile is more interested in the Champions League than the money.

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Marco Sommella, the agent of Lazio striker Ciro Immobile insists that. The player in his care wants to enjoy playing in the UEFA Champions League rather than taking large sums of money from the club Saudi Arabia.

The 33-year-old striker was approached by a Saudi Pro League team with an offer of a large sum of money. But decided to refuse to continue playing with Rome’s famous team UFABET

During an interview with Radio Sportiva, Immobile agent insisted that. The player is less interested in money than in playing on a big stage like the Champions League.

“Unlike other players He would rather enjoy a Champions League night than go somewhere like Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates.” Sommella said.

“He puts his heart and soul into every game. The problem is the lack of respect that should be given. I remember two years ago when [Lorenzo] Lucca scored two goals for Pisa and the media wanted him in the national team. I’m laughing so hard. The media puts too much pressure on these people.”

When asked about a transfer in the near future, Sommella said: “Now is not the time. There was an option with the Champions League and he was happy with Lazio for seven years.”

“He is very ambitious. These emotions are priceless and cannot be replaced by oil money.”