‘Henry’ thumbs up after the Swans fans ask for a new center

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John W Henry has been asked by fans at Anfield to buy a new midfielder. And the owner of the Liverpool team didn’t say anything but gave a thumbs up as an answer

. “Reds” opened Anfield to beat Bournemouth 9-0, in which game Henry came to watch in the stands with Linda. Pizzuti, his beautiful wife. before the competition Announcing pictures of American billionaires Standing and talking to Liverpool fans friendly.

Liverpool owner John W. Henry was questioned over the club’s transfer business at Anfield today.

The Reds continue to be linked with a host of potential new midfielders as the transfer window rumbles on. Jurgen Klopp admitted that the club are looking to possibly sign a player of that ilk before the window closes.

. Henry lives in the United States. But this game takes the family on a plane across the ocean to watch the field. And his team did not disappoint, winning their first Premier League game,

but not enough after the game as Henry walked out of the pitch tunnel, one of the Kop told the 72-year-old owner: John, we need a midfielder, a midfielder.” the UFABET report

Henry waved his hand and said nothing. but replied with one thumbs up Then walk into the field tunnel.

Jurgen Klopp, in a pre-match interview with Bournemouth, admitted it was wrong to say Liverpool don’t need a new midfielder. and prepare to reinforce that position Meanwhile, Liverpool are

linked with long-standing midfielders Jude Bellingham, Frenkie de Jong, Youri Tielemans and. Marcos Llorente