11 fish shooting game recipes If you want to be a master, you must not miss it.

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For a fish shooting game that the gameplay is easy to understand But for you to add money to buy ammunition and shoot only that. I must say that it’s definitely not worth it. That’s why we offer 11 different fish shooting game recipes that you can use. To increase the value of playing fish shooting games more

Example of a fish shooting game recipe

1. Which fish can’t shoot, stop shooting.

If shooting a bullet at a fish and not breaking the first time Stop and try 1-2 more times, don’t fire again. then change the target Because every time you shoot fish you will need to use ammunition, which is deducted from your credits. If you shoot passively This will quickly deplete your existing credit and get nothing back. 

If it’s a large fish, it’s best to use larger shells or more bullets than normal. Usually in fish shooting games, if you shoot fish and don’t break in the first round In the next round, it is usually not broken as well. Therefore, in order to save ammunition, it is best to avoid re-shooting the fish that fired the first time and didn’t break. สมัคร UFABET

2. Coins dropped by shooting the same fish are not always equal. 

If you shoot a fish and the coin breaks The amount of coins you will get is the reward each time. Even if it is the same type of fish, but the rewards It may not be the same or the same as the previous time you got. so don’t panic If the fish is shot and the coin falls each time, the amount is not equal. 

3. Each shot also fires a bullet through another fish. 

This method of shooting fish shooting game works often. By firing bullets out each time. To hit or shoot through other fish as well, it will be able to break the coin from the fish in a double way. which increases the chances of getting more coins It’s better to just aim directly.

4. Fish shooting game formula uses less ammunition, it can break the fish. 

Each fish shot costs coins for ammunition. Usually, if it is a large fish, it will take longer to fire with more ammunition in order to break it. But this rule does not always follow. Because sometimes just shoot the big fish a few times. It can break the fish as well. Depends on luck and choosing to shoot in the right direction.

5. Don’t use ammunition passively. 

The way you shoot fish Running around with ammo will cost you a lot of that coin. In each shot should be aimed before which fish to shoot. Next, wait for the right moment and press shoot. In order to waste less ammunition and hit the fish as much as possible

6. Shoot small fish often. You get a lot of coins as well. 

Usually, many people only shoot big fish in hopes of getting a lot of coins first. But large fish are not so easily broken. On the other hand, smaller fish that are easier to crack are a better alternative to collecting potentially more coins than shooting large fish alone.

7. Bullet-saving fish shooting game formula

Shoot the fish slowly, gradually collecting coins little by little. It helps to save ammunition. Because every shot of a bullet means you lose a coin every time. slow fish shooting And aiming at that fish will cause it to break more easily than to shoot quickly enough.

8. Look closely at the fish’s swimming characteristics and directions.

Some fish do not have a direct swimming direction. or slow at different speeds Before shooting that fish should first look at the nature and direction of the fish swimming. that the fish will swim in any direction of the screen and then go shoot the trap and wait in that direction instead In order to increase the chances of shooting more fish while saving ammunition.

9. If you shoot the fish and it doesn’t break, don’t force it to continue playing. 

In the case of shooting fish and not shooting Or have to shoot a large number and still not break. To stop playing. Take a break for 2-3 hours and then resume playing. Because if you force to continue playing, it may cause you to lose and lose. 

10. You can change the room where you shoot fish. 

You can change the room to play if you think the playing room is too difficult. Switching to another room may give you more chances to earn coins.

11. Lose money to play VIP room for more chances. 

If you still find that playing fish shooting games is not satisfying. You can spend a little more money. In order to be able to play in the VIP room, which will increase the chances of winning more