6 extreme sports help you get fit

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Lose weight and get healthy Beautiful muscles, there is nothing better than “exercising”, so… Kru Kan-Kanjana Pantarak, a two-time former SEA Games national athlete. And today she is well known in the fitness and yoga industry. She is going to introduce us to “Let’s get to know 6 sports to help burn”.

Exercise is not difficult. But it’s not easy for some people who still have excuses to themselves by saying they don’t have time, are not ready, or are waiting to be thinner. The author was fascinated with the sentence that “Wait until you get thinner.” Hearing this, I was puzzled that there was a way to help lose weight as much as exercise This is a way to help girls. The plumper has the fastest slender figure. safest and most sustainable

It must be admitted that 95 percent of plump women like to eat and rarely exercise. Therefore causing weight gain and if girls are thinking of losing weight by reducing food alone Looks like it’s going to be difficult. Especially when friends Inviting to party, can’t cut it And there is a phrase that the author always hears is “Once in a while, I’ll reduce it again tomorrow”

If this continues When will you approach your goal? and more than that Doing so will cause discouragement. including self-blame think of yourself in a negative way “You can’t do it.” These things are girls’ worst enemies.

6 ways to sports to help you get a firm body as follow.

1. Running

A 30-minute slow jog can burn up to 400 calories, whereas a normal jog can burn up to 400 calories. keep running Burns 300 calories of energy

Practice: Warm up your body first. By walking briskly or running at a comfortable pace for 10-15 minutes, then running. The maximum speed is about 15 seconds, alternating with 60 seconds of brisk walking, counting as 1 set, doing 6 sets, then increasing the number to 10 – 12 sets.

Recommendations During the run, keep your abs in and your knees slightly bent. To help reduce the impact on the knee joint.

Caution: Running may not be suitable for those who are overweight. Or people with knee and ankle problems because it is a high-impact exercise.

2. Hula Hoop

Many foreign stars and singers choose to practice sports hula hooping because it is easy, convenient and effective for weight loss. Therefore suitable for plump women and is an exercise that has very little impact

How to do it: Choose a hula hoop for adults. loop down around the waist Rotate the waist so that the loop does not fall. Once mastered, add fun by spinning while moving forward. Or increase the number of loops to avoid monotony and boredom, practicing for just 30 minutes can burn up to 300 kilocalories of energy at once.

3. Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise for plump women because when we are in the water Water will help support us. lighten ourselves Reduce the impact on the joints of the body, comfortable. and feel more relaxed than any other activity or exercise who sweats a lot sports Freestyle swimming for about 1 hour can burn energy from 500 to 700 kilocalories.

4. Yoga

Should be practiced in a set of poses called “Suriya Bucha” has 12 postures. You should practice the postures slowly until you memorize them all. Then increase the inhalation and exhalation for longer (correct breathing will increase energy metabolism) along with the movement.

Suggestions: Practice in a well ventilated place. By starting with 6 rounds of training first, then gradually increasing the number of rounds until complete 12 rounds, taking about 25 – 30 minutes to practice, can burn 200 – 250 calories of energy. that must be practiced continuously Can burn energy up to 400 kcal.

5. Dance

Your Fat Off is a television program that has proven to people all over the country that Dancing can help you lose weight. Regardless of the type of dance, such as aerobics (dance to the rhythm of the leader), or try to choose a slow tempo song, dance to 1-2 songs, then increase the tempo. Shake your hips after 5-6 more songs, but do not sit and rest between songs.

6. Circuit exercise

Circuit exercises are exercises divided into bases, there may be 6 or more bases, training in each base will help manage muscles differently.

May need to consult a specialist before training. But can be trained by designing poses that use Body Weight (training poses without accessories) because we can practice anywhere. Whether at home or when traveling to rest somewhere else, do 12-30 times per set without rest, continue for 20-30 minutes, can burn more energy than usual. and reduce training time as well